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The Dirt on Cubit's

Cubit's Organic Living is an extension of Cubit's Organics, an organic seed company located in the East End of Toronto Ontario. Specializing in high quality organic, rare and heirloom seeds, we believe that everyone can sustainably grow their own healthy and delicious organic produce in their urban environments. 

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Laura in the garden (photo credit Ryan Randall 2011)

Who we are
Building on many years of urban gardening experience, Cubit's Organics is owned and operated by Laura Watt. She is joined by her husband Ryan who does most of the design and photo tech. In addition to being our mascot, Hazel the husky-retriever cross helps by digging the occasion hole in the garden and by helping herself to the carrots. 

In addition to growing our own food and growing our company, we are growing their family with the arrival of little Rebecca who is now 2 years old and two bad kittens.

We clean up quite nicely: (photo credit: Trish Johnson 2010)

Our name

Cubit's takes it's name both from a name in our family tree and a historical Toronto market farmer named Cubit Sparkhall. He owned a large piece of land in East End Toronto, approximately where Withrow Park is now. Cubit was uniquely named after the cubit, an ancient measurement once used to measure building materials and small amounts of land; a cubit is about 18 inches, measured from the tip of your thumb to your elbow.

The importance of organics

Growing your own organic food is a cost effective and satisfying way to produce your own food. Eating organic produce is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment. Starting your growing process with organic seeds is a commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for us all. Preserving heirloom varieties is interesting and fun, but also protects our food supply, as monocrops are susceptible to disease and pests.

Our Commitment

Cubit's is committed to using environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our business operations and general day to day life. We use recycled packaging, non toxic glues, all of our printed matter is on recycled paper, reused packaging, and we emphasize local suppliers.

In addition to our environmental commitments, Cubit's guarantees both the quality of our seed and your satisfaction.

Contact us

cubitsorganics (at) gmail (dot) com
send us a message if you need our phone number or address.

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