Project 365

I've decided to participate in project 365. 

This means I have committed to taking and posting one photo a day. 

I'm guessing my year will be filled with some food porn, some satisfying garden shots, general Rebecca cuteness, and too many pets.  I’m really looking forward to having a nice visual record of the year.

As someone who normally carries the camera everywhere she goes, it won’t be hard to take one photo a day, but it is a little intimidating to have to pick and share the best one everyday.  I’m hoping it will help me keep on top of editing my photographs.  Currently I have a habit of taking a few hundred in an afternoon and then not looking at them for weeks. 

So I’ll be uploading to a project365 flickr set daily and looking back at the weeks and recapping here every Friday.

Please join me! I started on New Year’s Day, but you can start anytime.  Simply commit to taking and sharing one photo a day.

This is a great run down of the whole thing:

and here’s the official site:

tag your flickr photos with project365 and tweets with #project365 

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