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arugula ~ eruca sativa
Plant in moist soil ½" deep, space 2–4" apart. Partial shade to full sun. 45 days.

basil ~ ocimum basilicum
Surface sow on warm, moist soil. Direct sow or transplant in early spring past chance of frost. Pinch off flower heads to keep plants productive. Moderate water. Full Sun. 
75 days. 
A great article about Basil varieties from You Grow Girl.
How to save basil seeds from Mr Brown Thumb.

beets ~ beta vulgaris
Sow seed in light, well–drained soil ½" to ¾" deep, 4–6" apart. Moderate water. Partial shade to full sun. 
65 days.

borage ~ borago officinalis
Scratch into moist soil after last chance of frost. Moderate Water. Annual, full sun, 2-3' tall. 

brocoli ~ brassica rapa 

cauliflower ~ brassica oleracea
Sow indoors ¼" deep in pots or flats 8 weeks before the last frost. Thin seedlings when 2" tall and transplant into individual pots. Plant outdoors 24" apart in rows 36" apart when a light frost is still possible. 
60–90 days

carrots ~ daucus carota
Sow seeds ¼’ deep in tidy rows. Thin to 2" apart. Soil should be sandy & well worked, make sure to remove all stones. Moderate water. Full sun to partial shade. 
60–74 Days.

chard beta vulgaris
Direct sow seeds ½"– ¾" deep from mid–April until July for a continuous harvest. This to 12–15" apart. Frequent watering. Sun to Partial shade. 
55–60 days.

chives ~ chives allium schoenoprasum
Plant in the garden, directly where the plant will grow. Plant seeds 1/8 inch deep and 1" apart. When seedlings are 2" tall, thin to 6" apart. Moderate water. Partial to full sun. Perfect for container gardens.
80 days to maturity.

cilantro coriandercoriandrum sativum
An annual Native to southern Europe, Coriander is increasingly being known in North America as Cilantro. It was brought to Britain by the Romans, and has been cultivated as an aromatic spice since ancient times. Growing to 1–2’, it carries delicate umbels of flowers that are pale mauve/white. The entire plant is edible.
Direct sow seed ½" deep , spaced 1" apart in rich, well–drained soil. Firm soil over seeds. Thin to 8" apart when 3" tall. Best to direct sow as cilantro does not transplant well. Full Sun.
100 days to maturity.

chamomile ~ matricaria recutita
German chamomile produces cheerful small daisy like flowers all summer long. Their petals are used to brew chamomile tea. Pour the tea in bathwater for a calming effect. Grows to be 24" tall. 
Direct sow in early spring. Scratch into moist soil. Moderate water. Full sun. 
Potentially invasive.
60 days.

cuccumber ~ cucumis sativus
Plant 1" deep, 6 seeds per foot, spaced 3–6’ apart after last frost. Plant at 3–week intervals up to midsummer for fresh cucumbers all season. Moderate water, be careful not to over water. Full sun to Partial shade. 
65 days to maturity.
Can be picked at any time over the growing season depending on desired size. To keep plant producing, keep fruit picked.

dill ~ anethum graveolens
Surface sow on moist soil after last chance of frost. Moderate Water. Sun to Full Sun. 
70 days.

savoury ~ satureja hortensis
Prized for its peppery spiciness, summer savory is preferred for flavoring fresh or dry bean and pea dishes such as soup. Summer savory can also be used in herbal tea for sore throats & upset stomachs, and its attractive lavender–white flowers are edible. 
Direct sow by scratching into warm soil in the early spring. Full sun to part shade. Prefers light well–drained soil. Moderate water. Full sun.
60 days

thyme ~ thymus vulgaris
This invaluable culinary herb is one of the fine herbs of French cuisine & was once used in combination with beer as a cure for shyness. It is low–growing perennial with pretty flowers which make it favorite plant. Grows 1' tall. 
Direct sow by scratching into warm soil in the early spring. Full sun to part shade. Prefers light well–drained soil. Drought tolerant. Sun. 
90 days.

eggplant ~ solanum melongena
Plant ¼" deep, spaced 1–2’ apart. Best started indoors 4–6 weeks before last frost. Grows nicely in a large container. Moderate water. Full sun. 
65 days.

fennelfoeniculum vulgare
Surface sow on moist soil after last chance of frost. Thin seedlings to 6–12" apart. Moderate Water. Partial Shade to Full Sun. 
90 days until maturity.

ground cherry ~ physalis peruviana
Ground cherries were recorded in Pennsylvania as early as 1837. Aunt Molly's is an outstanding organic variety that originated in Poland & is known for its clean citrus flavour. Fruits are ½ to ¾" in diameter & are encased in a papery husk that turn brown when the fruits ripen. Extremely productive plants have a sprawling habit & grow 18" tall and 24" wide. Extremely productive, this variety starts producing by the end of July & continues until after frost. 
Start seeds indoors 6–8 weeks before last frost, transplant outdoors when seedlings are 10" tall. Plant ¼” deep, thin seedlings to 36" apart. Requires fertile well drained moist soil. Full sun. Once ripened, stores 3–4 weeks in the husk.

kalebrassica oleracea
Sow kale in late summer for a fall harvest or early spring for summer harvest. Sow seeds ½" deep, allowing 1’ between plants and 2’ between rows. Frequent watering; do not let soil dry out. Sun. 
60 days to maturity.

leeks ~  allium porrum 
Sow 1/2" deep, spaced 6" apart. Plant in early spring in well worked soil. Water frequently, Do not let soil dry out. Plant in Full Sun. 
60-80 days.

lettuce ~ lactuca sativa
Direct sow in early spring as seed will germinate when the days get warm enough. Sow thinly ¼" deep & 1" apart in rich, well drained soil. Full sun to partial shade. Plant successive crops 2 weeks apart to ensure a constant harvest. Companion plant with carrots, onions, & radishes.
25 - 50 days

spinach ~ spinacea oleracea 
Sow late fall or early spring. Plant ½-1” deep, spaced 6” apart. Moderate water. 
Partial shade to full sun.
45 days.

Marjoram ~ origanum marjorana
Sweet Marjoram is popular in southern France where its leaves and shoots are used for seasoning. Sweet Marjoram has a similar flavor to Oregano, just a bit sweeter& milder. Blooms from late June through August. 
Plant ¼"deep, spaced 8–10" apart. Moderate water. Full Sun. 
60-80 days.

mizuna ~ rassica rapa japonica
A mild flavored mustard green that adds just the right pungent note to salad mixes. Harvest in a cut–and–come–again manner, mizuna replenishes itself quickly after cutting to produce a beautiful new crop. Pick as young tender plants. Both green and flowers are edible and delicious.
Plant in moist soil ½" deep, space 2–4" apart. Full sun to partial shade. Partial shade can help prevent summer crops from bolting. 
45 days.

radishes ~ raphanus sativus
Direct sow in early spring or fall.
Plant seeds ¼”–½” deep, spaced 4“ apart. Frequent deep watering. Full sun.
25 days.

tomatillos ~ physalis ixocarpa
Start seeds 6–8 weeks before last frost. Once seedlings have been hardened off, transplant outdoors 2–3' apart. Can grow as a ground cover or use tomato cages. Well drained soil. Moderate watering at base of plant. Full sun. 
90–100 days.

tomatoes ~ lycopersicon esculentum
Sow ¼ “ deep, 1“ apart. Transplant to 24” apart. Plants require staking. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Harden off young plants for 10 days. Transplant outdoors to moist soil or direct sow after last frost. Water deeply for healthy roots & large harvests. Sun to full sun. 

turnip ~ brassica rapa 
Sow turnip thinly ¼–½" deep. Space young turnip plants to 4–6" apart in rows 24–30" apart. Sow turnip seed as early as the soil can be worked. For the main storage crop, plant turnips in late June or early July, so that roots can develop in the warmer weather. Keep moist, not waterlogged. Fantastic companion plant with onions & peas. 
40–60 days.

winter squash ~ cucurbita moschata
After last frost, plant seeds 1" deep, spaced 2" apart directly in the garden in rich soil. Train vines slowly in the direction you want the plant to grow in. Deep waterings. Full sun. 
100 days.

pumpkins ~ cucurbita  maxima
After last frost, plant seeds 1” deep, spaced 2” apart in rich soil. Train vines slowly in the direction you want the plant to grow in. Deep waterings. Full sun. 
100+ days. 

summer squash ~ cucurbita pepo
Start seeds indoors 2-4 weeks before last frost, or direct sow in garden once chance of frost has passed. Plant 1” deep, spaced 3” apart. Moderate water. Full sun. 
50-65 days.

parsley ~ petrosellnum crispum 
Soak seeds in water overnight. Direct soil as soon as soil is workable. Water regularly being careful not let soil dry out. Light shade to sun. 
80 days.

peppers ~ capsicum annuum
Soak seeds in water for 3 hours before planting. Start indoors 4–8 weeks before last frost. Transplant out side after chance of last frost. Perfect for containers and hot patios and balconies. Moderate Water. Full Sun. 
65 days to maturity.

watermelon citrullus lanatus
Start seedlings indoors in plantable pots 4–6 weeks before last frost or plant seeds out side 1–2 weeks past last frost. Plant seeds ½" deep, spaced 4–6" apart in mounds. Plant 2 seeds per mound, thin to 1 seedling after first true leaves form. Water frequently. Full sun. 
75 days.

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