Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to: Night Time Cloth Diapering

We have a bullet proof over night diapering combo we’d like to share.  We regularly go 12 hours over night without a change and we have never had any leak issues. None.  I’d actually never given in much thought until last weekend when talking to some moms who use disposables and hearing some real horror stories.

Our nighttime solution consists of three parts; A fitted, a doubler and a soaker.

We start with a bambozzle.  Funny name , but these are great bamboo terry fitted diapers carried by Bummis.  They are really soft and extremely absorbent.
SInce Rebecca nurses at night she really soaks them.   Therefore we add a hemp booster.  We have had a few different brands but there's little or no difference between them.  Last but not least, we cover it all with a gorgeous sbish interlock wool soaker.  Wool is fantastic since it is breathable, antibacterial and looks great.

Here’s the Bamboozle in action.

Just because you’re wearing a nighttime diaper doesn’t mean you’re actually going to go to bed.

Here’s the whole ensemble with the sbish wool cover.

Bummis is currently replacing their stock with a new stretchy version so the Cloth Diaper shop is offering 25% off the old stock right now.  Baby on the hip offers 5 and 12 packs as well as being where the crocheted apple came from. 

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  1. Great post! We use Sbish mutis with three doublers and a wool cover at night and still have to change our son a couple times - he cant stand being wet!