Sunday, October 24, 2010

Something wonderful came in the mail: A felt carrot

Rebecca has recently really started playing with her little wooden stove, she especially likes it when a cat hangs out inside the oven.  

So for Christmas we have started collecting some nice felt food from etsy to go with the stove.  I'm thinking about building her a little sink too.  This week a lovely carrot from ettarose showed up.  Hand stitched and made of wool felt, its truly eco-friendly and also very cute. I cannot wait to give it to her as carrots are her absolute favourite.

Etta was also kind enough to send us a felt barrette and it seems we have just enough hair to use it.  She loves it.  I think I'm going to combine the two and order a felt carrot barrette for her next.  Poor baby, when your mother is a vegetable gardener, you have to wear carrots in your hair.

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