Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recipe: Smug Kale Chips for Nancy

We bought some fabulous Kale from Zephyr Organics at the Royal Winter Fair this week so I figured it was time to post our Kale Chip instructions.  Kale is just so good for you but I’m frequently asked what to do with it.  So here’s a quick and easy way to use it up and make a healthy snack that even has calcium.

To make Kale chips, I like to use the curly stuff or Red Russian, rather than the Dinosaur or Lacinato variety.

Pre heat your over to 375.

Wash your kale, cut out the woody stems, and rip into hunks.

Pour some olive oil, a few tablespoons or glugs, over the kale and try to get an even coat by mixing it with your hands in a large bowl.  Add a sprinkle (1/2 teaspoon) of salt and squeeze half a lemon (about a teaspoon of juice) over it.  Keep tossing with your hands or spin in your salad spinner until everything is covered evenly.

Lay out in a generally flat layer on a cookie sheet, possibly using two if it was a really big head of kale.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes, checking on it once about half way through, giving it a little toss.

After 20 minutes it should be crispy, but not burnt.  If its still chewy or wet, pop it back in for a minute or two.  When it's done put it in a  nice sized bowl and eat all of it, knowing that its good for you!  Hence the new name "smug chips".

Excellent with either a cup of fennel tea or a beer, depending on the time of day I suppose.


  1. I love these - and Glenn loves them too which is pretty amazing (or mind boggling)! I like to season them with smoked sweet paprika, lots of sea salt and a tiny bit of garlic powder. This will turn your fingers red while you eat them which you can pretend is the neon fake cheese dust of cheezies but be smug in the knowledge you're eating something good for you.

  2. Have changed the name to smug chips. This is how I think of them now :)

  3. Those sound good! I love shana's comment about adding paprika and garlic powder. Yum!

    Gonna try these out for sure!

  4. I like it when Becca crumbles them into tiny bits and spreads it all over the couch and dog.

  5. hey there! Looks yummy Laura! Now I know how to make them when we are at the cottage, sans-dehydrator.
    We have a tahini recipe that is great. Jason made a video for making them and you can download a PDF of the recipe here:

  6. Best tip I've heard for kale chips: if it'd be good as a salad, it'll work as a chip recipe!