Friday, December 17, 2010

A Quick, mostly handmade, eco-friendly Christmas gift round up

Clearly seeds make a great stocking stuffers or replacements for cards, and by our bustling holiday season over on etsy I can see that I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Beyond seeds, we have made a serious effort to make and buy handmade this year.

I have almost finished Becca’s big present.  Its my first quilt, it’s almost finished and its worn me right out.  The pattern is known as a friendship braid and I'll post some good pictures once its all finished.

Here are some great instructions I found for binding a quilt, just in case you ever need such a thing, and your mother telling you over the phone doesn’t do it.

Here it is almost pieced:

And here are some pictures that show what I am up against every time I try and make something:

It was much more fun making these felt balls (a tutorial is in the works).  I’m just waiting for some more roving to finish up a few more. All the babies (so many babies!) will be getting these.  They even jingle.

It is certainly the year of felt.  

I finally finished these stockings that I started last year.  Do not try and make things with a 4 month old refluxy baby.  In a past life they were a wool blanket, a cashmere sweater bought in Brooklyn, Ryan’s favourite sweater, and a gorgeous plaid scarf.  All casualties of time and accidental trips through the wash.  I felted them up and pieced them like a quilt, and zig zaged everything together using the walking foot on my machine. Feats of strength on the sewing machine’s part.  I’m really pleased with them.

We have a long list of people we give gifts too, while trying to figure out what to get everyone I put these Etsy treasuries together.  Quite a few of theses items are under our tree or on their way here.  Can’t tell you exactly which ones though…

For the guys: Gifts for your husband (that he will actually like):

For the baby:

Our friends Bianca and Rosa sent Becca the snazzy diaper cover from this one.  There’s nothing quite like getting mail for the baby from a baby.

And for the Queen Bee:

The grandparents, who get harder and harder to buy for every year, are all getting snazzy tiny print calendars.  They look great and we made one for ourselves too.  I just don’t know where I put it (otherwise I'd show you a photo).
Just found a 40% off coupon code in case you want your own: DOD1216.    

All the spoiled dogs in our life are receiving these delicious organic cotton chicken legs from Voteza.  This is our friend’s brand-new eco-friendly company.  Their products are available at local craft shows right now but their site will being going live in the new year.  Check out the facebook page for details on their launch and to see some of Hazel’s great modeling. There are some more photos here where Franny joins in and crochet holly collars are involved.

To round up our handmade Christmas Rebecca has a really fantastic Christmas outfit.  Its actually her very summery birthday dress made by her talented Granny-Trishy-Fishy.  I just love the Strawberry fields medowsweet fabric.  Its from Ellafaith designs, who happen to be having a huge sale right now.  There's also a dress for the doll and the scraps went into the quilt. I’ll try and get a photo of the whole ensemble up tonight.

To top it off she has new poinsettia barrettes from Canadian shop paperdollacesories that are just amazing.  

We just bought a few other things from this great shop and I think I want one of everything Jill sells.  Rebecca's stocking will be filled with handmade barrettes.

That's our round up!  I think I might collapse now, no wait, I need to bind that quilt... and prepare for a cookie exchange.


  1. Wow!
    You've been busy. The quilt looks great...I quilt so I know how much work that is and how much "fun" contending with pets and munchkins can be while trying to sew!!
    Cool stockings too!

    Truly great finds in the treasuries too!!

  2. Wow, I love everything! The quilt is amazing. The stockings are fabulous. There are some great ideas in the treasuries. And those barrettes I must have! :)