Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to: International Soup Swapping Day! (No really)

After a holiday cookie swap we decided that although we like cookies, what really what we wanted was each other’s dinners.  Within hours Shana had discovered National Soup Swapping Day, which as Canadians we have changed to International Soup Swapping.  We made a facebook event and had 8 interested couples/families/groups/embryonic ninjas quite quickly.

The idea behind soup swap is simple.  Make a big batch of soup and swap it with friends who also make a huge batch of soup. There are official rules over on www.soupswap.com.  We’re doing things slightly differently because it seemed simpler, but I can already tell it isn’t.  Next year we’ll try it the official way.

Here is our group’s variations on the official rules.  As you can see, we are dealing with a disproportionate amount of food restrictions and allergies in our group which is why we broke the rules in the first place:

Soup should be:

1. Vegetarian! Easier to share :)

2. Gluten Free! Should not be an issue since most soup is any way. If you are using pasta just get the rice stuff, it loves soup. If you are unsure of the finer details of glutenfreeness, don't worry about it. 

3. Nut free please! Let's not kill each other! That would be sad, and really what soup has nuts?

4. Delicious and Freezer Friendly.

5. Please bring seven batches of soup, divided into suitable containers for freezing. Mason Jars, ziplock tubs (all seem to be on sale post xmas), yogurt containers are all acceptable. Please make sure its at least two servings.

6. Please bring a can of soup for the food bank. Not everyone is a spoiled by soup as us. 
 It has been pointed out that what the food bank really wants is cash so feel free to make a donation here or online from the swap.

7. Please bring at least one copy of your recipe. There is a high likely hood of blogging from multiple participants. This will also help the allergics.

Our soup swap is also going to be a little party with homemade crackers, some wine, babies, dogs and what else, but some more soup.

Anyone else is hosting/participating in soup swap?  Its not to late to join in this weekend or plan one for another time.

I'll be posting an update next week featuring our recipes.

Link up your soup recipes or soup swap posts in the comments below!

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  1. my black bean soup is on the stove and I have just made my donation to the food bank!

    Looking forward to eating all the delicious soups.