Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Quilt is Finished

I finished Rebecca's Christmas present on Christmas Eve.  It's my very first quilt, and although its a little wonky in places we're all quite pleased with it.  It's just the right size to sleep under or drag around the house.

Its a three braid quilt, the red one is for Rebecca, The green one is mine, and the blue is Ryan.  The fabrics are all nice prints of bees, flowers, birds, trees, acorns, leaves.  There are pieces of her 1st birthday dress, scraps from my childhood dresses,  and I dyed some of the fabric because I wasn't finding the right hues.  The solid purple is from Simply Solid Fabric over on Etsy.  I'll be ordering from them again.

I'm thinking about making a bigger one for her bed that uses all the reds, pinks and purples from this one. 

I love how these pictures demonstrate the floor bed in action.  Everybody loves it!


  1. Just lovely! I want to make one now! :D

  2. It looks great!
    You did a fantastic job and I loved that it's getting used...that's what it was made for!

  3. Thanks ladies! Lizz you could totally make one. Its just a collage with fabric :)