Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things we love: Bare Organics & ClaireandJanae

Back in the fall we came across a booth at the Royal Winter Fair selling the softest organic cotton baby things and certified organic skin care products.  It was the booth of Bare Organics, a mom run company out of Thunder Bay in North Ontario-i-o.  Having no need for anything at that moment I took their card and moved on.

Currently many of my friends are starting to have babies so baby showers are a constant in my life.  Normally I would pick up a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and call it a day, but the latest gift was for our friend the midwifery student whose head might explode if she reads another word about babies right now.

So I looked up the card and ordered the softest nursing pads I’ve ever seen.  Karen was kind enough to send along some of their super soft baby wipes and organic baby balm for us to try out.
We’re done with diapers around here, but we’ve been using it for everything else: chapped baby cheeks, little eczema patches, it’s a great cat scratch balm.  It’s really nice to have something that’s free of parabens without having a million ingredients and is unscented.

Our soon to be nursing friend is actually going to be having two babies, so I added a little more to her gift.  First, I made a few of the felt wool balls I’ve been perfecting. 

I promise there’s a tutorial coming up but here’s a teaser:

Then I went Etsy shopping.

ClaireandJanae is actually mostly Janae, whom I met over on twitter while talking about what else than nursing babies.  Her shop is adorable and when I saw that she had made some baby tie-dye I knew the babies needed them. 

Needless to say the whole gift was a hit and I can’t wait to see mama and babies in action. Oh and danger parent papa in action will be great too.

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