Friday, March 25, 2011

Project 365: week twelve: March 19th, 2011 - March 25th, 2011

March 19th, 2011 Making more seed packages.  I love this paper cutter.
March 20th, 2011 Ryan made dinner and promptly photographed it. Some nice red chard.
March 21st, 2011 Oregano Seedlings!
March 22nd, 2011 Slate floors make an excellent chalkboard.
March 23rd, 2011 Heavy snow and home sick with two teapots.
March 24th, 2011 This is how Rebecca eats a grapefruit.
March 25th, 2011 Hydroponic Basil from Green Thumbs Garden Supply.


  1. Great photos as the slate floor shot and eating a grapefruit!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. I am so pleased with the drawing on the floor. Now I can cook dinner in peace :)

  3. Great idea to let the floor act as a chalkboard.