Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stay in touch

Dear Blog,
so sorry I have been ignoring you.
It's just that it's almost spring and people need their seeds. Desperately.  The smell of soil is in the air.

We have taken some time tonight to make some fancy new buttons. They're over there on the right -->

If you click on them you can keep us with us on twitter, where we talk way too much, on facebook, where you can find and add all the gardening resources you want, and on flickr, where we want to see your seedlings sprout and seed stashes.

I promise to write a real post soon.  Perhaps about potatoes or what to do when your baby eats dirt.
yours truly,

Brains behind the business


  1. Been there, done that with the dirt eating thing...LOL...memories!

  2. I hear ya! I barely have enough time to eat and breathe! I look forward to your next posts.
    Great buttons btw! Wooowooooo!!!!


  3. Yay, potatoes. Can't wait to see it