Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Spring visits to Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm is my favourite place in the whole city of Toronto.  

A little farm located within a city park on the old zoo grounds provides a great destination when you just need an hour out in the sun with some cows. These photos are from two recent visits. They'll probably be more in the next few weeks.  It really is a little bit of heaven.

Just off River Street.
A sure sign of spring: A robin outside the Simpson House.
Sheep! They seem to have three types this year.
It is important to dress right for a farm visit.
Everyone who goes to the farm takes this picture.
Second type of sheep including a little teenage black sheep.
Third type of sheep, the cutest I think.
Rebecca's favourite animal was a farm cat.
The chase is on. 
Where are you kitty?
Red Pigs with perfect snorting and curly tails.
Friends on the Streetcar.
Rebecca in the Francy Barn. 
Penny in the Francy Barn.
Sticks and stones.
Handmade mittens make Penny very happy today.


  1. amazing! dax and I will join you next time! "exploring" is my fav pic.

  2. Love riverdale farm, am lucky enough to live close by. in summer i go to the market every tuesday, and I love that it's adjacent to the valley

  3. How fun!!!

    Great pics...love the one of her standing in the red coat against the brown barn background....fantastic composition and color!