Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Have a Perfect Day

Take 1 mini muffin tin
add 8 types of heirloom beans
and 1 bad cat 
and a mother with a new lens 
for hours of pure bliss.
Hours (!) of bean sorting by Rebecca and bean chasing by Zooey.
My gorgeous beans all mixed up.
May Flower and Poltschka Pole Beans. I think they are sorted by size.
Gold Rush and Cannellino Beans sorted by colour.
Poltschka beans from the populuxe seed bank.
The sun even came out just in time to build the beans some trellises much to Hazel's dismay. She was pretty sure we went to the park to bring her home a stroller full of sticks.
Zooey guarding his bee house and the first new bean trellis.
Then she took a miracle nap.
So I got to admire our great find...
...and play with the new macro lens.
If you need some of your own beans, please check out the Seed Bank's Etsy shop.  All money raised from the selling of heirloom seeds go towards supporting the seed bank's efforts to preserve heirloom varieties.


  1. those Poltschka beans are beautiful!

  2. oooh that last photo is killer.
    and this makes me want beans!!

  3. Your little one is such a cutie! And I'm envious of your camera. ;-)

  4. wow! im lovin all your pictures!! so lucky to have a new jealous!!