Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Weekend Farm Visit in Photographs

We have had such a lovely weekend visiting Ryan's coworker Almerinda's farm in Consecon Ontario in Prince Edward County.  Gorgeous views, perfect weather and trading heirloom beans on a United Empire Loyalist farm is exactly what we all needed.

The lilacs were in full bloom.
A walk in the deserted apple orchard, also in full bloom.  We'll be visiting in September to taste them all.  It appears to have been quite a diverse selection of full sized trees, some cider apples, some for cooking, some for eating, and a pear so sour it steals your soul.
Some moss.
Lucky Hazel found a bone.

I spent a lot of time photographing pollinators but missed the shot of big fuzzy bumblebees despite them being plentiful. 
Gorgeous Lilacs line almost an entire side of the farm.
I love the variation in them. These ones are lighter and rounder.
Almost ready. 
bare feet and homemade quilts.
Ryan is in heaven sorting and mapping tomatoes with Almerinda. 
These guys came home with me.  That's a Livingstone Golden Queen.  The Livingstone Tomatoes are fascinating.
HAzel is in her element.
Check out the colour of this clover!
Spectacular Allium.
More pollination. All the trees were in bloom and it was very busy.
Gorgeous sage.
Delicious Chives. 
Looks like we're going to need a wagon.
Every farm house needs a swing.

We planted a lot of tomatoes. 
More tomatoes and some prize winning garlic. 
Rebecca got to bring this fantastic desk home with her.  Thanks! 
Last but not least, the perfect, fantastic, lovely barn. 
Everything is ready to milk some cows. 
Pretty great view of Lake Ontario from the dairy room milk house.

Another great view, this one from the cow stalls. 
We really love this barn. 

Sigh, we need a barn. 


  1. Idyllic! You'll have to tell us what's fascinating about the Livingstones.

  2. oh, laura! these are all so beautiful. Lilacs are one of my faves.and that desk...JEALOUS!!!

  3. @Helen I'm working on a post!

  4. Laura, these are so beautiful! How could you bring yourselves to leave?! And are those wild irises - the purple flowers under the swing photos? Gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous photographs! I pinned this from the Etsy Blog Team thread.