Saturday, July 16, 2011

project 365: week twenty eight: July 9th, 2011 - July 15th, 2011

July 9th, 2011 We arrive on Grand Manan, an Island in New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy.  Rebecca throws rocks at Stanley Beach with Flagg's cove and North Head in the back ground.

July 10th, 2011 Abandoned Smoking Sheds in Seal Cove Grand Manan.

July 11th, 2011 Rebecca on the Seal Cove Beach.  Possibly the best beach in the world.  Broken dishes from ship wrecks in the beach glass and perfect sand including some that's magnetic.

July 12th, 2011 Rebecca at Deep Cove Beach.  Possibly the second best beach in the world.  Fresh water streams meet the ocean on a perfect sand beach.

July 13th, 2011 Rebecca has tea at the Compass Rose.  She was such a good toddler and drank her Rhubarb Punch with a tiny spoon. We also saw seals out the window to which she's says woof woof.

July 14th, 2011.  We road our bikes and chariot out to Ross Island and Fish Fluke point. Ross Island is accessible by foot (or off-roading your brand new Jeep through salt water) at low tide.  The terrain is muddy and wet  but beautiful with views of the original loyalist settlement and this wonderful light house.  Fish Fluke Light house was decommissioned in the 1960's and is clearly one of Canada's most endangered light houses.

July 15th, 2011 The whole family at  the Swallowtail light house.  It sits on a rocky cliff accessible only by foot bridge.  We have a very similar picture from 5 years ago and hope we don't have to wait 5 years to take another one.


  1. What an amazing place to visit! I'm originally from Nova Scotia and love a good Maritimes-oriented vacation. These photos are beautiful and now I definitely want to visit Grand Manan, too. And your daughter is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You need to go Sarah! I love to East Coast but it's my favourite :)