Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rebecca's Thoughts on Blueberries in Maine

The nice thing about staying somewhere new is that sometimes there are surprises.  

Like blueberries outside your cabin door.

Your mother will find you a funny bowl with a handle. Then you get to pick all the "bears" until the aren't any blue ones left.

There may also be some critters.

You can eat some now and also save some for later.

Your mother can take pictures of them.

Even though they are for eating.

Then you should eat them all up.


  1. I love the way little kids eat--with their palms. Cute, cute, cute.

  2. Mmmmm yummy. I remember getting 'boo boos' last year in Maine.

  3. Love blueberries!!! My kids gobble them up! Can't wait to grow my own :)

  4. Love it! This was pure bliss for all involved.

  5. What a great vacation! I love Maine and I Love blueberries. My little one LOVES blueberries, so we've planted a couple of blueberry bushes for her.

  6. Too cute!! And yum...nothing beats fresh fruit like that.