Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Trip: Notes from Maine

We have picnicked through beautiful up state New York, napped through Massachusetts and after a quick jaunt through New Hampshire (where apparently you can ride a bicycle on the highway, text while driving without a seat belt and possible do it all on a motorcycle without a helmet) we have made it to Maine. 

We're in Portland right now but taking the scenic route to Bar Harbour tomorrow. We'll be staying there until the end of the week then hitting the Canadian East Coast leg of our trip. So far so good.

Tonight we ate at the Portland Lobster Company in the old port area of Portland. It's pretty cute. After putting out a general call for suggestions, we were pointed in this direction.  Thanks Derek!

They say they're dog friendly and it's beyond Hazel's wildest dreams.  Here she is under our table at dinner, pretty excited for the fish Rebecca keeps throwing to her.  Then she got to eat an entire order of spilled clam chowder.

Oh my slaw!

Wiley toddler eats in style.  We ate on a pier and road tripping toddler shenanigans are not always safe or conducive to mothers eating in peace. Generally i'd say this was pretty kid friendly.  The ones who hadn't been in a car for 8 hours were dancing to the live music.

Rebecca did clap for the fabulous live fiddling that accompanied our fish.

Our view from dinner.  Rebecca's first glimpse of the ocean. She really likes the boats.

So far so good and the hard travel days are over.  Soon we'll break out the bikes and get to swim in the ocean.


  1. Fun! I love road trips...great photos!

  2. Looks like you are making lots of memories. 8 hours in the car, oh so sorry. More than 2 hours is tough. Love the photos!