Friday, July 29, 2011

summertime bbq grilled sweet corn

Sweet Corn is just coming into season here in Ontario.  A little late because of our cold wet spring but it seems that the recent heat wave is helping out.  Our favourite way to prepare a cob of corn is to grill it on the bbq.  It's really very easy and keeps you from steaming up your kitchen in this heat.

You'll need some fresh ears of corn, some lemon juice, butter and salt and pepper.

Peel off the outer husks, any dry silk, peel back the remaining husk and silk a bit to let the water in and then soak the cobs in some lemony water for about 20 minutes.  

With your grill preheated to at least 375c, throw on your wet corn for 15 minutes. You can roll it around a bit but it really doesn't matter. When the rest of your meal is almost done, peel off some or all of the husk and grill it for another few minutes. This will give you the nice grill marks on your perfectly steamed-in-the-husk corn.

Serve with butter and salt and pepper to taste.

I always do one extra cob to use on a salad or in another meal like chowder


  1. There are few things better than fresh corn from the grill! I like to shove some herb butter under the husk before grilling. My sister likes to slide thinly sliced red onions under the husks.

    Any way you serve it, it's the best way to eat corn.

  2. Those are both great ideas! I'm going to try the onion route tonight with our burgers.