Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peach Lemonade For Alanna {or When Peaches & Lemons Combine}

So we spent 7 hours on Tuesday turning 1 bushel of gorgeous, perfect, marvellous Red Haven Ontario peaches from Bizjak Farms into 29 jars of pure canning goodness.  
Then the thirst struck, quickly followed by one of those brief moments of genius, pure peach genius.
What you want to do is take Monday's Real Lemon Lemonade but instead of using the simple syrup,
USE THE LEFTOVER PEACHY SYRUP!  Yes I'm yelling. Take the syrup that has had lovely sliced Ontario peaches soaking in it all day and make lemonade; Peach Lemonade. You know that syrup that's left over in the bottom of the pan.  You'll thank me. Once again, it's even better out of a jar.
If this is as exciting to you as it is to me you'll need to read how Well Preserved cleans their jam jars.  I highly recommend it.

PS Alanna, I'm bringing this to your house tonight. Also we are up too late and  have had waaaay to much sugar.


  1. YUM! Love lemonade and peaches...sounds like a perfect match!

  2. oooo that sounds gooood. also - that last photo is so beautifully summer-ly luminous.

  3. This looks delicious!! I'm definitely making it before summer is over :)