Monday, August 8, 2011

Rebecca it's Your Birthday

Dearest Rebecca, today is your birthday.  
Here's a picture of you being checked out by the midwives and being introduced to Hazel just a few minutes after your birth.  I've been trying to write a nice post for you all day but seeing as you are two now you've done all you can to stop me.  First there was the ice cream, then some swimming, trying to delete all your baby photos, helping yourself to the fridge and some chasing of cats.

At least we had one quite moment with the balloons this morning, right in the room you we're born in.  Looks like you're staying up to celebrate the exact moment of your birth at 9:15, but I'll need you to consider going to bed right after that please.

Love Mama, and Dadi who's out walking the dog.

PS If you ever do go to bed I'll post some birthday party pictures along with some recipes for great salad.  Doesn't that sound nice?


  1. SWEET!!

    Loved this post!!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. so cute, you can totally tell its written by a busy momma!
    Happy Birthday Rebecca!

  3. I hope Pen does not try to stay up for her 12:17am birthday next year. Happy Birthday!

  4. Ms Penelope might just do it. Depending on how many fireworks teenagers set off.

  5. I hope she went to bed for you but a very lovely birthday letter to such a sweet girl. Happy birthday wishes to Rebecca!