Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: What the Heck is This Tomato?

 These lovely tomatoes grew in a friend's garden...
 and nobody knows what they are.
 Here's one ripened up.
Here it is for scale.
Here's the inside, about to go on a burger. Lots of seeds, quite strong skin, perfectly symmetrical from the middle line. Delicious too.  Any idea what it could be? 


  1. I've grown lovely big tomatoes called Tomato Pantano Romnanesco and they have the kind of deep grooves you have in these. They are also recommended for frying. However, their shoulders are green rather than yellow.

  2. Perhaps it's a Zapotec? Beautiful, whatever it is!

  3. I grew a basic steak tomato last year and a couple of them looked jut like this! I figured it had something to do with watering vs. heat....? They were fabulous!

  4. It was delicious alright. It's not a Zapotec, I've got those in both tomato gardens and here:

    I think it's italian?

  5. I have no idea, but it does look delicious!!

    -:¦:- WW: Black-Eyed Susan -:¦:-

  6. Not Brandywine - I have those in my garden and they don't get nearly that big and don't have those 'grooves'.
    Your anonymous tomatoes look like the huge, grooved ones I saw recently at a friend's parents farm. She called them "field tomatoes". (doesn't sound like very technical, I know)

    ~Martina R.

  7. Sorry I have no idea - I wonder if they've inadvertently mixed with something else - they seem inbetween this and that with smooth areas and deep pleats and thick skin (which is interesting in and of itself) ... I really screwed up with my tomato labelling this year ... it was perfect up until I misplaced the book I wrote everything down in after planting 50+ varieties! First year for getting it right up until that point though :)