Sunday, October 2, 2011

project365: week thirty seven September 24th, 2011 - September 30th, 2011

September 24th, 2011 Off to an apple tasting with half the food bloggers of Toronto. Like SarahLisa, Moira, and our lovely host Suzanne.
September 25th, 2011 How I take pictures of rhubarb red swiss chard without setting up the tripod.
September 26th, 2011 It's true, autumn is here.  I love how many oaks there are in my neighbourhood.
 September 27th, 2011 Acorns are great fun.
 September 28th, 2011 Escape to the playground.
September 29th, 2011 Some Garlic Nira Chives growing in a laneway near our house.
September 30th, 2011 Oh the nightmare that is gutting the bathroom.  Sorry for neglecting the blog, but we have no running water.  Should be all better by next week.


  1. Lovely photography! The autumn colors are awesome!

  2. Beautiful photographs! They really capture the feel of autumn.

  3. What perfect Autumn photos!!

    Makes me miss the Autumns of my childhood growing up.