Sunday, November 20, 2011

the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair: A Photo Essay of Goats and Toddlers

One of the high lights of last year was taking Rebecca to the Royal Winter Fair for a few visits.  
 We only made it down once this year but it was just as magical.
 We had some toddle company which just made things lovely.
Rebecca is a very good teacher and showed Poppy everything she knows about goats.

 Like how to feed them.
 Tease them.

 Most importantly, how to pet and feed them all at once.  Little goat whisperer.
We did not eat these, but man oh man did Rebecca think they looked good.  APPLES!
 Then we moved on to the cows.  Lots of calves too.

 Hay is actually more fun than cows though.  Ridiculous!
I couldn't tell if she wanted in with the sheep or was trying to let them out.  Mischief was the general idea though.

We need chickens.
Gorgeous Prize winning Russets. I might like apples more than the average visitor.  As I edit photos I see that there are quite a few apple photos.
 Once she had her fill of the best Apple Chips, she was done.  Totally done.
So we took the train home to eat little pies. See you next year goats!


  1. Great photos! I adooore goats! (And chickens. And all things 'farm' really...) Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed it!

  2. What a fantastic day! Already looking forward to next year!