Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Wrap This Up: Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping and Etsy Finds

Inspired by Karen's Christmas pledge over at The Art of Doing Stuff I am trying my hardest to stay ahead of the holiday madness and not over commit myself this year. She's pledged to be done (DONE!) her christmas preparations by December 4th so she's free to enjoy the holidays.

I'm inspired, but as the earliest we can put up our tree is the 12th, we're doing it a little differently.
Around here the promise is to not leave things to the last minute along with not starting any new projects this year. We're ploughing through the list and nothing anyone can say will entice me to host anymore meetings, make anymore crafts, or host anymore dinner parties than I'm already committed too. Sorry but this doesn't mean I'll finish my Christmas cards on time, it means I'm simply not sending them.  Also, we'll be breaking tradition with no Christmas renovations.

So, on that note today we starting wrapping and wrapping might be my favourite part of Christmas.

Wrapping is serious business round these parts.  It typically involves folding bones and guillotines.

After coming across a really nice download for these little birds from Lisa Rupp over on thatshappy I printed some off on the kraft paper all the Cubit's seed packs are made of and we were off!

Some cutting resulted in a nice pile of kraft paper birds that was mounted on black mi-tients paper (I'm a total paper nerd if you don't know that already). All our supplies came from the local Danforth location of Deserres Art Supplies where I worked for a few years in my former life of working with/for other people.

Then some more cutting and voila! Bird tags.  Nice black backs to write on with a white pencil crayon. Preferably the omnicrom water soluble ones, but I'm also a pencil nerd so feel free to ignore me.

Our shopping this year has been pretty enjoyable.  We've been able to do a ton of it on etsy and some coworkers from another gig in my former life have opened a fabulous toy store just down the street from us and right beside the art supply store.  This could be dangerous.

All the little girls on our list are getting skirts that were handmade in Alaska by Bohdi Handmade along with the some critters from Tracey and Shamie's great new Danforth toy shop Silly Goose Kids.

I love how so many etsy purchases come wrapped so beautifully.  This is Rebecca's new apron from local etsy seller BirdbyJill and something special from Leah Duncan. Almost seems a shame to wrap them.

Good bubbles are important (also from Silly Goose Kids).

Good Earth's Good Jam all ready to wrap along with some nice tea and Leah Duncan's gorgeous design.

Combined with oodles of rick rack and a stack of washi tape (also from Deserres) I'm pretty pleased with it all. Cute and environmental friendly what with the 100% recycled paper, reusable cotton rick rack, paper tape and reused bags.

That's it.  I've wrapped quite a bit and am almost feeling on top of it.  Now to host that one last party, meeting, pack these orders and finish the renovations so I can show you my pimp that preserve entry and get on with Christmas.

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