Saturday, October 30, 2010

A day well spent (with the 25 pound Ladybug)

After sleeping in a bit this morning, we eventually made our way across the city to the Wychwood Art Barns for their last outdoor farmer’s market of the year.  We made it to our regular market at East Lynne Park earlier this week (taking Foodland Ontario with us for good measure) so this was mostly a social visit to see our fellow foodies Shana (of Folksgottaeat) and Glenn along with their hounds.

Doesn't everyone exchange preserves when they see each other? Some Beets, onions, and dill slices, for dill spears and some Barbara Squash Seeds.

Mini donuts from Sugar Mamma's.

So good we had 2 dozen.

Made with coconut oil so Rebecca tasted her first donut and promptly asked for one for each hand. 

A ladybug in the children's garden.

Mushrooms from a man who was loudly talking about "spreading the gospel of

I have already turned this kale into kale chips and eaten most of them.

The art barns are converted from the old street car barns.  A very cool urban renewal project.

Amazing sandwiches from the amazing stop community food centre. Frittata, blue potato, nasturtium pesto, sausage for the meat eaters.

Good things grow in Ontario.

I think this may be the best playground in the city. Poor ladybug has gotten caught in a spiderweb.

The combination of today's haul with some steaks and really ugly parsnips from Belanger's Organic Farm from Thursday's farmer's market made for an amazing dinner.


  1. Those sandwiches look yummy! Cute ladybug!!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. It looks like you had a great day! And agreed - the ladybug is adorable!