Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Harvest = Delicious

Local Ontario Produce + Salt + Olive Oil + 45 minutes x 425 degrees = deliciousness


  1. That looks like a wonderful bounty! Yum!

  2. It was as delicious as it looks.

  3. Met the people who grew the gorgeous potatoes today at the Royal Winter Fair.

    I've been buying these blue fingerlings (called vitelottes) at Rowe farm meats in the Beach. Turns our they're from S.Fett Farms in LaSalette Ontario which is surprisingly close to Port Dover,where Ryan and his family are from. check out their site, it gives quite a bit of info about their farm and potatoes

    I'll be posting my blue potato salad recipe soon, I've got all the ingredients and a nice fiestware bowl, I just need a reason to make it.