Sunday, January 23, 2011

Soup Swap was a Smashing Success!

A dozen or so of us with quite a few pets and babies had a great soup swap yesterday.  We represented Toronto in (Inter)National Soup Swapping day and next year we'll be participating, but on a much larger scale.

We gathered in the afternoon.  We ate a crockpot of chickpea soup, some nice bread and crackers and polished off some wine.  The babies made play food soup in the living room while the snow fell out side.  We also collected a nice basket of food for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Here's a little photo essay of our day.  I'll be posting our recipes all week.

Shana and Rebecca making soup
Penny & Poppy
It is hard to be a dog at soup swap
It is great to be a baby at soup swap
Rebecca is reading the recipes with Anna & Jeff

Please, I just want some soup
Basket for Soup? No! basket for toddles.
Mitch is going to be an excellent danger parent 
Gorgeous pregnant lady.  Can't have a party without one.
Jenna and Penelope 
Everybody's here! Soup with recipes!


  1. Wow! I'm jealous. Looks like an amazing time (and amazing soup!)

  2. How fun! What a great idea too...I've done a cookie swap a few times but I love this...and slightly healthier too! :-D

  3. There was a lot of butter involved so only slightly healthier :P

  4. oh man. all that soup looks so tasty!