Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365: week six: February 5th - 11th, 2011

Here's our round up of Project 365 for the week. 

It's all Rebecca all the time right now. I can't wait for spring when we can spend more time outside and less time climbing onto the windowsill.

February 5th, 2011 Rebecca and Penny eat sushi.
February 6th, 2011 Rebecca steals a leek.
February 7th, 2011 Rebecca and Franny and what is possibly the best photograph I've ever taken.
February 8th, 2011 I built some chalk boards and then we drew cats.
February 9th, 2011 Rebecca practices giving her new asthma medicine to her bebe doe.
February 10th, 2011 Danger Parenting in action.  It's actually more relaxing when she's on the windowsill as I know what she's up to.
February 11th, 2011 A portrait of the artist as a young girl.


  1. You take the cutest pics of her!! I love the leek shot, that's too funny.
    And yes, I remember well when my boys were little...I would have loved to have had a moment where they sat on the windowsill, at least I knew where they were. I had a notorious pantry dweller...I'd find him sitting in there eating peanut butter straight from the jar!


    Have a great weekend!

  2. :) Today she has figured our how to push the chair over to get on the dinning room buffet, There is officially no place to put anything out of her reach!

  3. The cat photo is clever but the windowsill one is brilliant.


  4. Your photos are gorgeous and your daughter is so cute!!

    I'm amazed that you are doing the 365 project :) it seems so daunting, yet you keep on taking amazing, beautiful photos!!