Monday, June 20, 2011

Internet Excitement! Clawfoot bathtub potatoes are a hit!

Much excitement on the blog this weekend. Our clawfoot bathtub potatoes are a runaway hit!

This post about growing potatoes in containers:

That was also posted over here on Julia's goat-notes:

Went from twitter, to treehugger where Colleen wrote up this nice little post about our bathtub of potatoes:

Which then ended up on Apartment Therapy's reNest which exploded my blog. Ah! This is a site I read every single day so to see Rebecca and I along with that extremely heavy bathtub & kind words was a great treat.

To clarify a few things, the tub is positioned so the drain is slightly down hill and there are two layers of loosely stacked bricks at the bottom.  In our climate we have never had issues with sogginess but I can see how you might.  We have typically used the tub for beets and carrots, especially at our old apartment where we were worried about heavy metal contamination in the soil. Since we moved we're no longer worried and now are on very sandy soil they go in the ground.  Since potatoes are such nutrient suckers, they are in the grow bags this year and the tub is full on greens like mizuna and a bunch of beans.

Growing up, my mother also had a spare clawfoot tub which she kept all the laundry waiting to be folded in.  Later on it was in my brothers' room and it made a great bed for teddy bears.  So I guess the love of the clawfoot tub is breed right into some of us, and repurposing too. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaways at the end of the two original posts, there's a few days left and we're giveaway an awesome book on container gardening along with some great companion seeds for potatoes.


  1. This is just so supper! Glad I could join in on some of the fun. Thanks again Laura!

  2. Awesome!!! Now to find some grow bags, that clawfoot tub is so cool. :)

  3. A great idea! Congrats on the blog explosion!